Our Ministries

It is God’s desire that His family live in harmony and unity.  This value like others requires commitment, development, and effort.  Harmony and unity is important not only because it is necessary for the Church if it is to live in joy and peace, but it is also an expectation the world has for the Church.  As the world observes the Church function, the expectation is that harmony and unity will exist.  The lost are drawn to the family of God because of the harmony and unity.

Once you come into a personal relationship with God and His family, it is important that you learn about God and His ways.  It is important that you grow in your relationship.  Gods family, the Church, can help in this endeavor; in fact, fellowship through small group Bible studies is a great way to get to know God  and the other members better.

God has a plan for those who will trust in Him.  God saves us to serve Him and in serving Him, others.  Serving God is one of the most fulfilling experiences a Christian can have.  The opportunity to please God through doing whatever He has called you to do is a great blessing.